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Wowrack Connectivity is an Internet service provided by PT WOWRACK CEPAT TEKNOLOGI NUSANTARA (WOWNET) as a sister company of PT Wowrack Indonesia. Wownet dedicates itself to provide the best, fastest, and the most reliable internet connectivity powered by managed services and IT experts in the field.

The bandwidth ratio that you get depends on the package you choose.

  • For Dedicated, it is 1:1, meaning that the speed you get is approximately similar to the one you subscribe for. For instance, you will get a total download and upload speed of 20 Mbps if you choose that one.
  • For Broadband, it is 1:10, meaning that your minimum access speed is the maximum speed divided by ten. For example, you subscribe the 30 Mbps package, then you will get at the very least 3 Mbps. To get higher speed, you should not access a large amount of data at the same time with the other clients.

We have similar facilities for our dedicated and broadband services, which are a 7-day trial, free MRTG account, and 1 Gb domain and shared hosting. What differs them is 5 IP for dedicated and 1 IP for broadband.
Meanwhile, for Wow Home, you will get 1 dynamic IP without neither trial, domain, nor shared hosting.

You can contact our technical support through or +62 31 6000 2888 for literally 24/7.

The SLA is 99.5% per month for every product. The SLA guarantees that, if and only if, should a problem arises, it will not exceed 3.6 hours/month. If it exceeds that, Wownet will cut the expense next month based on the total time the problem exists after 3.6 hours.

The devices required for the installation are antenna and router in which Wownet will lend them to customers. Also, Wownet will lend a 30m LAN cable if necessary, but there will be an additional charge if the borrowed cable is longer than the above-mentioned.

In order to do so, you need to:

  • Fill out the form, hand over the Taxpayer Identification Number of your company (corporates only) and the identification number of your contact person
  • Pay the setup fee prior to the installation
  • Enjoy the 7-day trial
  • Pay the monthly fee to use our full service after the 7-day trial is over
However, if during the trial you think that our service does not meet your expectation, our engineers will fix the issue and prolong the trial according to agreements.

To check your internet usage, you can access and login using the given username and password.

Wownet is capable of doing that, but we would never do such thing without your consent since we highly value the privacy of our clients.

Wownet is not restricted by FUP, enabling customers to freely browse the Internet to their heart’s content.

To the best of our knowledge, we never have any complaints regarding significant unstability and speed drop of our internet connection, even during a rainstorm.

The maximum time needed for our engineers to arrive at the place is three hours. Regarding the estimated time for the maintenance, it depends on the level of the problems.

Wowrack will replace the malfunctioning device. The referred ones are antenna and router.

You can contact our support team to inform us about the relocation details. Then, our team will conduct a survey to investigate the feasibility and inform you the cost.

To do so, please contact our sales at After signing the form, the installation will take 45 work days. Please note that there is no trial for fiber optic services.

Wownet specially design every package to address certain needs. To know which suits you best, please contact our sales at for further information.

Step up your business performance based on your needs through our adjustable solutions