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About Us

Wowrack Indonesia is a reliable professional in providing the best Cloud, Data Center, and Connectivity solutions. We only provision you with the upmost infrastructure, including the architecture, design, continuity, and implementation at the uppermost caliber suited to your very own unique needs.

“Wowrack Indonesia dedicates itself to carrying out the most fruitful IT solutions for your needs.”

Our Milestones


was born

Starting with 6 server units at its disposal in a private residence, Wowrack focused on providing Dedicated and Shared Hosting.


Colocation was
first introduced

In September, Wowrack moved to Westin Building located in downtown Seattle. Moving to the hotel with the largest capacity in the West Coast of the United States.

Shortly, in December, Wowrack officially began selling Hosting Colocation solutions


Wowrack expanded to Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia by erecting data center


CloudRaya came to answer businesses and start-ups’ digital needs


Wowrack Indonesia moved to Intiland Tower, Surabaya, due to continuously escalating demands.


Wowrack Indonesia introducted Wownet, fast and stable connectivity solutions


Wowrack was certified ISO 27001

Wowrack Indonesia
Essences and Values

Values that we implement in our work

Integrity, Teamwork, Accountability, Innovation, Care & Prime Service


Prioritizing moral and integrity to maintain the trust of our clients and within our team.


Working cooperatively as a team to elevate work effectiveness and efficiency


Being accountable in every policy and action we conduct by being responsible as a unity.


Continuously innovating in every single aspect, including in technology and problem-solving


Caring one another by treating them like a family

Prime Service

Providing the uppermost service with honour, professionalism, and ethics

Client & Partner
Wowrack Indonesia

Wowrack is a trusted and reliable Cloud, Data Center, and Connectivity solution provider that has accommodated more than 400 clients



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